Workshop “Einführung in die Datenanalyse mit R” (Post and Slides in German)

Last weekend, I gave a 1.5 day workshop for students at my university on data analysis using R. In this post I briefly share my experience along with the workshop slides and an example project – both of which are in German. If you are looking for an English introduction into R, have a look at Hadley Wickham’s excellent “R 4 Data Science”, which you can find here.

In unserem Psychologie-Studiengang wird, wie an vielen andere Unis auch, der Umgang mit SPSS gelehrt. Dabei liegt der Fokus im Wesentlichen auf der Anwendung der gängigen Hypothesentests über die Menüs. R wurde bisher nur mal am Rande erwähnt – als Alternative wenn die Fragestellungen etwas anspruchsvoller werden. Im Rahmen der Open Science-Diskussionen ist R aber auch zu einem wichtigen Baustein geworden, wenn es um reproduzierbare Analysen und Nutzung freier Software geht. Continue reading “Workshop “Einführung in die Datenanalyse mit R” (Post and Slides in German)”

New Paper: Reliability Estimates for Three Factor Score Estimators

Just a short post on a new paper that is available from our department. If you happen to have calculated factor score estimators after factor analysis, e.g. using Thurstone’s Regression Estimators, you might be interested in the reliability of the resulting scores. Our paper explains how to do this, compares the reliability of three different factor score estimators and provides R- and SPSS-scripts for easy estimation of the reliability. While some reviewers have argued, that this reliability cannot exist, I think, we have some good arguments how our perspective is in line with existing literature on psychometrics.

The paper is available as Open Access in the International Journal of Statistics and Probability and you can find the article here. I have uploaded the scripts to GitHub, so you can easily download them, add issues or create forks. The repository is at