So, who is writing this blog?

That's me!
I am Christopher and a co-founder of SKOPOS ELEMENTS, a data science consultancy based in Germany. With a M.Sc. in psychology and still working on a PhD on statistics in psychological science, I combine knowledge of statistics, experimental methods, and scientific practices with insights about human behaviour and thinking. You find more info on my CV website.

This blog, which contains posts in both German and English, will be about data science, managing a start-up company and things I came across while working on my PhD thesis.

Citing this blog

In times of scientific blogs and webpages, I should say something about citing this blog. You can, of course, cite and link my posts as much as you like as long as you give a correct reference including a link. If you want to reference a blog-post in a paper, thesis or any other printed media, however, please be aware that there is no guarantee that this blog survives more than three years.


You want to send me an email? Great, let’s become pen pals! Just write me at ich@neurotroph.de.

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