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  • How to do stepwise regression in R?

    You don’t.

  • Podcasts for Data Science Start-Ups

    Podcasts for Data Science Start-Ups

    I am not a Podcasts person. Most episodes are too long, there is a lot of nonsense talk with inside jokes, and I usually find information quicker when googling on my own. As the past months have been quite busy, however, I was looking to fill the time where I couldn’t read or do other…

  • From Psychologist to Data Scientist

    Social scientist or psychologist interested in data science? I compiled a list of skills and resources, I think are relevant in order to start in the field.

  • Leaving Academia: Goodbye, cruel world!

    Leaving Academia: Goodbye, cruel world!

    In September, my contract as a research assistant at the University of Bonn ended. I was lucky to have a 50% contract for three years and even more lucky that I had the option to extend the contract for another year. Nevertheless, I will leave academia as I’m close to finishing by PhD thesis and…

  • Using Topic Modelling to learn from Open Questions in Surveys

    Another presentation I gave at the General Online Research (GOR) conference in March1, was on our first approach to using topic modelling at SKOPOS: How can we extract valuable information from survey responses to open-ended questions automatically? Unsupervised learning is a very interesting approach to this question — but very hard to do right.

  • Book Review: Everybody Lies

    I rarely read pop-sci books, and I even more rarely review books in any form. However, I bought „Everybody Lies“ some months ago and just finished reading it. It took me about four months to read it, partly because it made me so angry as a researcher reading it.

  • Predicting EVE Online item sales (BVM Data Science Cup 2017)

    This year, the BVM (German professional association for market and social researchers), hosted their first Data Science Cup. There were four tasks involving the prediction of sales data for the online sci-fi game “EVE Online”. It was my first year working in market research and applying statistics and machine learning algorithms in a real-world context.…

  • How statistics lost their power – and why we should fear what comes next

    This is an interesting article from The Guardian on “post-truth” politics, where statistics and “experts” are frowned upon by some groups. William Davies shows how statistics in the political debate have evolved from the 17th century until today, where statistics are not regarded as an objective approach to reality anymore but as an arrogant and…