The Vanual: Customizing a Van for a Mobile Lifestyle

While sitting in one of my three offices, dreaming of beautiful, exotic and serene places is just natural. Zach Both does not dream about these places, he just goes there. But he is not a travel-a-my-life type of guy, but a film maker and designer who happens to life mobile: He customized a van to have a bed and a kitchen to live where likes to while still doing his day-to-day business (more or less):

Zach Both is a young filmmaker who in a past life worked as a designer and art director. His passion for telling unique and unusual stories through filmmaking has lead him to travel the country in a van that doubles as his mobile production company.

Thankfully, he made a website explaining how he re-worked the van. He also posted a lot of pictures of the process and the result.

I really like his project and would love to make something similar for holiday travels. But after reading all the “vanual”, I might need to learn how to do stuff first. Being all thumbs does not really make this process much easier, I guess.

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