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  • New Preprint: Making “Null Effects” Informative

    New Preprint: Making “Null Effects” Informative

    In February and March this year, I stayed at the Eindhoven Technical University in the amazing group with Daniël Lakens, Anne Scheel and Peder Isager, who are actively researching questions of replicability in psychological science. Over the two months I have learned a lot, exchanged some great ideas with the three of them – and […]

  • Introduction to Bayesian Statistics (Slides in German)

    Recently, I had the opportunity to give a lecture on Bayesian statistics to a semester of Psychology Master students at the University of Bonn. The slides, which are in German, I’d like to share here for interested readers. 

  • Euro Cup predictions through Stan

    Euro Cup predictions through Stan

    After I calculated the probabilities of Germany dropping out of the world cup two years ago, I always wanted to do some Bayesian modeling for the Bundesliga or the Euro Cup that started yesterday. Unfortunately, I never came to it. But Andrew Gelman posted some model by Leonardo Egidi today on his blog: Leonardo Egidi […]

  • “Statistics is in a mess.”