Introduction to Bayesian Statistics (Slides in German)

Recently, I had the opportunity to give a lecture on Bayesian statistics to a semester of Psychology Master students at the University of Bonn. The slides, which are in German, I’d like to share here for interested readers. 

The aim of the lecture was to give students a sense that there are problems in psychological science with replicability and reproducibility and that statistics is one small part of the problem. In their Bachelor studies they have learned to apply hypothesis tests in different study designs and I wanted to present a new perspective (statistical modeling) together with a new framework (Bayesian statistics).

There is so much more to talk about – both on Bayesian statistics and replicability, but 90 minutes are not enough time for that. So it is just an overview for students who are interested in what lies beyond the introductory statistics in their studies.

? Download Slides (German)

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